Server Consultation

Server consultation 

Linux based server consultationOur Server Support and Server Maintenance services are available globally for Reliable, Flexible & Affordable Server Support & Maintenance up to 24×7 365 days a year.

Most hosting providers offer some level of technical support with their hosted server package. However, this server support can be slow to respond, inadequately skilled, and you will often be required to complete the work yourself, despite your possible lack of technical knowledge. Infoway Web Solutions-web server support is different. With Infoway Web Solutions-web server support our engineers provide expert level support that includes logging onto your web server and actually fixing the problem for you.

Infoway Web Solutions-web server support comprises…

Linux OS: System Commands, Users and Group Management, file permissions, software installations, file system failures, log files, crontab management, system services, performance management, security, network services (NTP, DNS, DHCP, FTP), software management, crash recovery, crash diagnostics, printer management, boot processes. 

Apache Web Server support: Installation, building, module installation, configuration files (httpd, ssl, vhosts, htaccess), SSL Certificates, error logs, php integration, performance issues, load testing, clustering, load balancing, forward proxy, reverse proxy, mod_rewrite, mod_security, not starting, not responding, redirects, aliases.

MySQL Server support Installation, building, configuration, stress testing, load testing, clustering, replication, troubleshooting, hosting, optimizing, administration, backup, migrations.

Each year businesses, waste huge amounts of money and time trying resolve technical issues that are either beyond the scope of their in-house teams or beyond the abilities of their current hosting providers. Infoway Web Solutions support Linux only, so we know how to identify, resolve and prevent further technical issues that affect your server or open source applications, quickly and effectively.

Start saving money and time now – contact us to find out more about our server consultation services.


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